March 29th, 2016

Praying for Jim’s trip to Pastors in V – April 2016

 If you would like details for prayer, send Kimberly a message and she will give you the password.
On this blessed Monday after Easter,
Jim is on a plane back to SE ASIA! 
On this trip, he’ll meet up with two of our CRM Asia colleagues Roger and Kim to reconnect with Christian pastors & marketplace leaders who he has spent the last five years with.  Thank you Lord in advance, for what you are going to do in and through this team of experienced Asia mentors. Thank you for the favor you have given Jim among these influential and fruitful pastors.
Reunited with four of his mentoring groups, they will bring along other new leaders to join the in their discussions and prayers asking: Lord, How might you want us to collaborate together to show your glory in this city and our nation?
As Jim has sought the Lord for direction during our sabbatical, the answer for now is clearly an ongoing role in two particular cities: “GO on back, and take others with you. With those who will travel with you, you can seek my direction on ministry partnerships.” For the rest of 2016, Jim intends to take extended trips to Asia every other month. Thank you Lord that Jim’s mom successfully moved out of her large house to a community where she has many friends. For all of us wanting to be a blessing and assistance to our older parents, we trust you for wisdom and grace to serve them well.
The Number of Christians in V has doubled in 8 years!
Only 2% of the population of V now professes Jesus as their Savior, but that is twice what it was 8 years ago! Praise the Lord for this spiritual awakening!
With many of the leaders being the first generation of Christians, there is a great need for spiritual fathers to shepherd them, and believe in them, and challenge them to things they haven’t asked or imagined is possible beyond their local church ministries.
Praise you Father for the harvest among the Vietnamese!
Thank you Lord for the calling you gave Jim when he was just out of college and in Asia for the first time: As just an untrained kid from a big church in Orange County, he realized he already had more resources and knowledge than the pastors he was helping! 
Lord, in so many places overseas your church is so desperately under-resourcedand in need of support in order to effectively lead and grow and bring your redemption in their cities
Use Jim, and all you have taught him over the years, to be a catalyst among them for your glory. 
Through all of your laborers around the world, continue to bring redemption to the lost, which not only brings the hope of heaven later, but also brings your peace and blessing to these places now! 
Father, increase the fruitfulness of those who while sersving locally, support your Kingdom work in these places so far away. Living in the USA this year, we have experienced how the needs or our Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria cry out from our televisions, and stuff our mailboxes and email inboxes without ceasing! Thank you Lord for those who still think about the ends of the earth and can hear your voice and leading where to pray and invest amidst so many competing requests for help! 
Your redemption and regeneration is our only lasting hope for change in this broken world! AMEN!
One last note: If you are a Vietnam Era Veteran[thank you for your service!] or in some other way have a connection that draws you to prayer for Vietnam; will you please write and tell me about that?
Blessing and Joy,
Kimberly Creasman
About the photo at the top of this email: It comes from a music video produced by our friends. Traversing the country, finding Christians among many of the minority peoples of the nation, they recorded Don Moën’s HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD, in multiple dialects. When it was finished, Nissi Studios uploaded this testimony to YouTube and other social media sites. These young urban V Christians wanted all of the people of V to understand that the Christian God is not merely something for westerners. He is the God of all the people groups of this nation!

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