July 5th, 2015

What’s New(s) for us in our Search

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Investigating Options
After our 18 years of serving in China/Singapore, we are in a season of asking where we fit best for our next chapter of God’s kingdom work.
Lord, you know the answer, but as we wait on you to find out, we also seek and knock!
This month we’re looking forward to these opportunities to explore:
July 3-18 Kimberly travels to Thailand for the Global Consultation on Music & Missions. She’ll meet and study and pray with others who have similar convictions about the power of the arts in shaping convictions, communicating God’s truths, and worshipping our Creator.
Last week she met the Department Head of the MA in Applied Theatre at USC for a stimulating and educational conversation. She continues to explore and consider what her role should be in using drama and creativity along with her love for shepherding Creatives. She continues editing: Put Off/Put On: 31 Daily Prayers for Freedom in Christ.
July …  Jim is getting some personal coaching from ministry friends, and is looking for the right context to continue mentoring in Asia.  Whether that will be living in Asia after this year, or based in the US and traveling to Asia regularly, he knows that it will include working more closely with some American colleagues – he is longing for more teamwork.  Jim has always enjoyed facilitating ministry partnerships for others, perhaps he will find a fitting partnership focused on developing spiritual leaders in Asia. 
Vietnamese pastor from his mentoring groups is visiting California this month. They will catch up, and he wants to introduce Jim to some Vietnamese American pastors.
Heavenly Father, thank you for the privilege of serving you vocationally. Thank you for this faith stretching season!
Can we brag a bit?
Intoducing, one of the Army’s newest officers! Tyler is headed for Ft. Benning, GA at the end of July.
A friend of Cameron’s from his former school drove 10 hours from New Jersey to suprise him at graduation in Tennessee. After only one year at TKA, seeing friends and teachers enjoying him and saying goodbye was a witness to his big heart.
Grateful to be in the USA for Significant Milestones
  • Jim’s recovery from his long overdue knee replacement in January has been steady and without any complications.
  • Hospitalization, Hospice and saying farewell to Grandpa Howard in February – April, in Fullerton. Jim helped his mom through the illness, and now in managing her affairs. Each week this summer, we’ve enjoyed having her come stay a night or two with us in San Pedro.  It has truly been a gift from God to us to be here and serve them during this time.
  • Cameron’s High School Graduation in May. We are enjoying time with him now before he reports to Liberty University in Virginia, August 19th.
  • In June, Tyler graduated with honors from Cal Poly SLO with a BA in Political Science and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army. He begins his service August 9th (Singapore’s National Day!). He is spending the in-between weeks with friends in Boulder, CO.
  • Kimberly’s brother and children traveled from Georgia to be with us for both graduations. Super support and good extended family time.
  • Our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Wow! Really?
  • After our lunch together on Fathers Day, Kimberly’s (always healthy) Dad fainted and took a fall. This resulted in a broken nose, an implanted cardiac monitor and the suspension of his drivers license while doctors figure it out! YIKES! Mom stopped driving last year. Friends & neighbors in Yorba Linda are stepping up, which is a tribute to Dad’s investment in relationships.
Lord, we are yours. Thank you that we’ve been here for these events in our immediate family. We ask for guidance as we all move forward in big life transitions. We long to honor and care for our parents and wonder if through these events you might be asking us to stay in the US.
30th Anniversary!
In this sabbatical for discerning God’s direction for our future ministry, we continue to feel his peace and provision, though we don’t know yet what next year will look like.
Lord, thank you that you have given us everything we need – financially and relationally. We look to you for clear guidance for our next chapter in ministry. Renew our vision and passion, that our next chapter wil be tremendously fruitful in serving you!
1 Corinthians
California Coastline. Who has time for reading when being outdoors is so breathtaking?
Creating Local Arts Together. The text for the course I’ll be taking in Thailand.

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