May 29th, 2014

Sacred Pathway: The Enthusiast

The last Monthly Monday before summer break!

We’ve covered 8 spiritual temperaments over the last 16 months. The Enthusiast is the 9th and final one in the series!

Come to listen or join in the discussionabout loving God in his mystery and with celebration. Hear what people in our group have experienced regarding:

  • Reading the Bible with not just reason, but with imagination and feeling
  • Vivid dreams that clearly speak of an issue in your life
  • Celebrating milestones with God in thanksgiving
  • Enthusiastic Worship
  • Spending time with children
  • Creating

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Are you an Enthusiast? 

On the 2nd we will get to know about and enjoy those who are an Enthusiast. Not all of us are like this however, so don’t let it scare you off if you’re more Contemplative, or an Intellectual! We won’t make you dance or anything you’d be uncomfortable with! These statements from Gary Thomas’ book Sacred Pathways describe an Enthusiast.

  1. I feel closest to God when my heart is sent soaring and I feel like I want to burst. I sometimes feel I could worship God all day long.
  2. God is an exciting God, and we should be excited about worshiping him. I don’t understand how some Christians can say they love God, and then act like they’re going to a funeral whenever they walk into church.
  3. The words celebration and joy are very appealing to me.
  4. I would enjoy attending a workshop on learning to worship God through dance.
  5. I would enjoy reading the book The Mystery and Excitement of Walking with God.
  6. I probably spend more money on worshipful uplifting music than I do on books.

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